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Bill and the Little Red Plane Book
Bill and the Little Red Plane Book

“Has to be the most delightful nature and geography lesson I’ve ever been privileged to encounter. Rosaria Costa’s illustrations are marvellous! Most highly recommended.”

By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Bill and the Little Red Plane

from Chirpy Stories

“Bill and Edward were now heading into unknown territory. The mystery deepened. They could see the sea, and they were moving toward it.”

Fly away with Bill and Edward as they follow a flock of swifts into the unknown and beyond. Bill returns with a sense of wonder, before realising that swifts are even more mysterious than he first thought!

Bill and the Little Red Plane is the first book from author Jonathan Walker and his publishing company Chirpy Stories.  Accompanied by beautiful hand-painted illustrations from the very talented Rosaria Costa, Bill and Edward hope to inspire children and encourage them to ask their own questions about this wonderful world we live in.

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Reader Reviews

Wow! That will be your first impression when you open Bill and the Little Red Plane and see the illustrations!

Barbara Fanson for Readers’ Favorite

Great little book which both my 5 and 7 year old have loved to read. It has given them an interest in the science of nature (and the desire to fly a stunt plane). Would highly recommend.

By Andy Tiffen on Amazon

Bill and the Little Red Plane is a lovely combination of narrative and art. The open–ended conclusion is interesting and will allow young readers the opportunity to ponder even more questions.

Lisa McCombs for Readers’ Favorite

This book is a very lovely story to read to older preschool children, We are a nursery and read this to our preschool children which they loved especially the pictures they particularly highlighted! Definitely recommend to buy!

By Zoe Arnold on Amazon

What a great book to read to your children at bedtime. We’ve only owned this book for a week but my children have requested it three times already after reading it to them on the first night. It’s a MUST to have on your book shelf in your child’s room and it’ll certainly stay on our for many days to come.

on Amazon

Jonathan Walker has created a delightful tale that portrays the excitement and enthusiasm of a young boy while sharing some facts and images of places across the globe. A page of Swift fun facts also provides solid information.

Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite

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About Chirpy Stories

We create mind-opening children’s books that go beyond a good story by exploring the wonders of life and the natural world.

Many of the stories are rooted in real animal behaviour, while other stories are filled with warm humour and delight, but then there is the wild and wacky side of Jonathan’s imagination. Every story is designed to inspire a young mind to think big.

Core Beliefs,

  • I believe we live in an amazing world that is full of natural wonders and great people.
  • I believe you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to enjoy those wonders.
  • I believe stories rooted in nature are a fun way of letting the mind of a child explore and understand the natural world.
  • I believe stories can go beyond entertainment and education and help offer hope for the future.
  • I believe educating the next generation about nature will inspire them to protect what is currently being destroyed.

About Jonathan

Jonathan lives in Hampshire, England, with his wife, Anna, and son, Reuben. Jonathan is a man of faith who relishes the joys of God’s creation.

Jonathan also enjoys flying radio control planes, though he often crashes!

Using his active imagination, Jonathan creates captivating children’s books that go beyond a good story by opening a child’s mind to the wonders of life and the natural world.

About Rosaria

Rosaria Costa lives in Sicilian, Sicily. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania, specialising in children’s illustrations.

She now enjoys using time-honoured techniques to produce vibrant illustrations in her studio. Rosaria always works with her four-legged faithful assistant, an Alaskan malamute breed dog named Yuki.

When not in her studio Rosaria enjoys the sea air, with Yuki of course!


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